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About me. 

Alexa Gryga is a artist from the suburbs of Philadelphia, currently residing in Kutztown, PA. She graduated in spring 2016 from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania as an Art Education major and a Fine Arts major, with a concentration in Printmaking. Alexa uses various mediums and techniques, including etchings, relief prints, pastel and charcoal drawings, and watercolor, focusing on connecting to the audience through portraying relatable experiences.


Additionally, Alexa started her Etsy shop in 2017 to sell some of these fine arts along with commissions. She also more recently started selling essential oil roll-on perfumes and diffuser bracelets that she created. She uses the oils to help with anxiety, stress, headaches, and more. She hopes to help others with all of those forms of relief.

Lasty, Alexa currently is working at Thomas G. Morton Elementary School in The Philadelphia School District as an Art Teacher. She is going into her 8th year in the district now with a Masters degree in Art Education that she received in Spring 2021. She has experience teaching at multiple age levels and hopes to use these skills to help connect with students in her K-5th grade setting. Her capstone project revolved around teaching in urban education. Philadelphia will always be her city at heart and she is excited to see what the future holds in their school district. 



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