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Classroom Management Plan

             Students learn best when they are cared for and in an organized and effective environment. There is a fine line between too much freedom and not enough freedom. Students work best with a happy medium or freedom and restriction. The students should have the materials needed to create their projects the way they envisioned. The teacher must guide the students in order for the students to all succeed. The teacher will do this through questioning, suggesting, demonstrating, inspiring, and much more. Additionally, the environment should be full of inspiring pictures and artist references to help with student’s creativity.

            The most effective methods for teaching are not limited to one method but are also not endless. Along with a happy medium of freedom, the students need stability. They need routines and a consistent environment. When the students arrive in the classroom, all teachers should greet them positively and set goals right away. For instance, the students might need to be quiet and listen to instructions right away, and then they will have the freedom to talk while working independently. The teacher should be inspiring and engaging students with artworks and examples. This way the teacher is in control of the classroom by setting goals and creating an agenda. The agenda should not just be spoken of once but should be written and repeated. Timing is key. If the teacher loses track of time, they risk losing control of the classroom as well.

            Conflicts can affect a teachers timing. This is why conflicts need to be ended quickly, short and sweet. If students talk inappropriately in a classroom, a simple stern, “that is not acceptable in this classroom” should end the conflict. Although there are students that may be “trouble makers,” we still must treat all students equally so everyone is equally cared for. Rewards are often given to the students who are “best in class.” I believe that every student should be rewarded, even if it is one small deed the student is doing correctly. Maybe a student talked too much in the beginning of class but turned it around and helped out their classmates because they finished early. As a teacher, it is our job to find students doing these good deeds and reward every student and equal amount. This way no student should call the environment unfair.


            The right amount of freedom creates stability. Your classroom might be the most safest, secure, and most consistent environment in their life. Creating a room full of positive energy and treating all students equally will make any child feel more safe and will help anyone’s classroom run more smoothly.

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